Enterprise FoodTech — The Matrix Is Coming

Wondering what the future of enterprise food services holds? Get ready, because 2019 and beyond would see some amazing things to bring to the table. The consumer-related food tech advancements that we have seen in the previous decades are truly exciting, but the enterprises continue to be on outdated systems. We predict that enterprise legacy systems will pale in comparison to the types of innovative food technologies & services that will be created in the coming years which will have a deep impact on an employee choice, convenience, and overall food experience.

While it is impossible to say how the future will unfold for sure, with close to decade of our deep customer knowledge & the data insights, we expect to see and be part of building disruptive products & services. Focusing on leveraging the rapidly advancing fields like the cloud kitchens, food robots, waste management, IOTs and deep learning frameworks in a manner that will improve the health of every enterprise, individual, food supply chain ecosystem. It will also assist in ensuring consistent food security around the globe.

Here’s what we are envisioning,

  1. Cloud Cafeterias

Traditionally, employers would hire one caterer for a year-long contract, bringing food to the office canteen for employees to purchase. Even when it’s good, it’s the same thing every time. There are multiple use cases of an employee where food ordering and expectation standards differ. To bring innovation, imagine daily food served by a different caterer while still having just one vendor to handle the contract and end-to-end services. This allows for food variety where your corporation could do a food trial from a pool of caterers, home chefs who have the capabilities to serve for smaller companies and shortlist different caterers who could bring in daily food on a rotation basis. We like to call this concept “Cloud Cafeterias” where we create a pool of cloud caterer brands, get array of menu options like a healthy meal, local or global cuisine based specialities and satisfy the taste buds of your employees and delegates. While providing the variety, collecting daily feedback from the employees allows you to improve performance & experience. As we know the preferences of the employees, individual custom menus being available on daily basis, systematic suggestions and ordering will be a reality soon.

2. Food Robots

From restaurants to grocery stores, robots will play an increasingly important role in the way we prepare and get our food. And since robots can run 24 hours a day, they are the perfect solution for making food and even food deliveries on demand, all around the clock. We are already seeing them in places like Spyce, Caliburger, Creator, and Cafe X.

Now things are moving from pilot programs and tests to become integrated in our everyday lives. We are bound to see these revolutions coming into the offices captive cafeterias and kitchens as well. Restaurants of high-traffic and high-volume locales will be the first to dive deep into the robotics games. Be ready to see food robots in corporate offices, airports and food courts in malls. Need a visual? Check out below video.

3. Enterprise Health Report

As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat.” With more and more employees ordering their daily office meals online, the data insights can show us what kinds of eating habits they have. When you compile this data together for each organisation, an enterprise health report can be crafted. This way, your company can know the overall health and wellness of your employees compared to other companies. By encouraging healthy eating habits, you can encourage healthier employees that are more productive. They will need less sick days and will be less likely to suffer from major health issues which will keep health insurance costs lower.

One aspect of future food technology that is sure to take hold is the adoption of rebate-enabling food journals by health insurance providers. As an individual’s diet is one of the greatest ways to determine their overall health and risk factors for serious diseases, we wholly expect health insurance providers to create a system where the upkeep of an accurate food journalcould potentially lead to lower health insurance rates for those who work to upkeep healthy lifestyles.

4. Food Waste Management

With technology on your side, your office can help to minimise food wastage and implement new techniques to reuse food. An example of this is donating excess to the needy instead of letting perfectly good, unused food go to waste from the office cafeteria.

5. Food Traceability

Ever wonder how much time that banana you’re snacking on takes to travel to where you have purchased it from? What about those seemingly-healthy apples coated in sugary wax? Knowing where our produce comes from is essential for better health.

There’s currently a huge demand for food transparency, one where consumers want to know where that banana or apple was picked and how much time it took to arrive at the point of purchase. Block chain technology is just one approach we’re experimenting with to solve this dilemma. There’s much room for tech-enabled solutions to bring a clearer vision of the foods we eat before we bite into them.

6. Catering Merchant Rating & Ranking

Thanks to the online food discovery and ordering platforms which provide restaurant rating and ranking systems, consumers can provide instant feedback which could help restaurants take action to improve. Likewise, when it comes to the daily office catering industry, there isn’t a systematic way to provide feedback mechanisms. Expect to see this change quickly where all feedback is revealed so that every enterprise can see the caterer infrastructure, employees, and overall service health report to see if they meet proper service standards.

7. Deep Tech

Augmented & Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform office and personal meal journey.

In the coming years, we may be able to take an instant photo of the food being served in office cafeteria (or anywhere) and know the quality of food through deep image processing techniques. That would be a huge asset to those who want instant information for how many calories they’d be consuming if they were to eat everything in their photo. Through artificial intelligence and machines learning data insights, algorithms can be built to suggest personalised food recommendations.

8. Biryani Machine

Everyone loves biryani. Getting it at the touch of a button would be heavenly! Just like the coffee vending machine, dosamaticroti maker etc., biryani is the most preferred food item which can be cooked through a assembly machine. It would bring in scale, predictability and more efficiency, plus it would minimise pilferage and wastage. Automating simple repetitive tasks like this are more measurable, and benefit everyone.

Embracing food tech doesn’t mean we should fear robots will take over our jobs. After all, there are some things that they just can’t do, like add a personalised human touch. But as we look to mature markets like the US, China, and Europe and watch them move from pilot to adoption phases of deep food tech solutions, it’s getting better and better. Are you ready to taste what’s next?

Sooner than later we all have to build multiple technology enabled products & services and embrace the new wave of foodtech. It’s not a question of if the revolution will happen, and it’s increasingly less of a question as to when the revolution will happen–because it’s already started!

Good to Great – Enterprise catering services

How to stand out with exceptional office catering services –

When it comes to enterprise catering services, it takes more than just delicious and nutritious food options to keep your customers happy. While it’s certainly true that if your culinary creations lack in flavor and variety that it will affect your business, if you don’t provide outstanding customer service, you’re going to negatively affect your bottom line.

So what is the difference between a good office catering service and a great one? Here are the surefire ways to stand out so that you go beyond good into the world of great, and even beyond.

Order your taste — www.foodni.com

Be Innovative

Some of you might be saying to yourselves, “But we’re already great!” There is always room for improvement. What worked for last decade won’t be the same for next decade. People eat with eyes, nose and then with mouth. Presentation, aroma and the taste.

As the technology & consumers evolve with time, we as a caterer must do so too. That means finding better ways to serve our customers with updated kitchens, technology, trained & healthy staff and the appliances as well as rigorous safety and quality standards that are reviewed on a continuous basis. Are you up-to-date on your methods? Could you be doing something even better than you already are? These are the things you must ask of yourself in order to stand out from the throngs of good caterers.

Don’t Forget the Details

Party checklist — Basic flows

The devil lies in the details. When it comes to catering or planning an event, it’s all in the little things. Design a checklist and follow every step without compromising. Those tiny details really matter. So ensuring everything is set up correctly where hungry employees don’t need to search for utensils or walk across the room to get butter for their bread is essential to your success. Additionally, a well-groomed service team that smiles, is pleasant, and can thoroughly answer any questions about the food with complete knowledge all add up to making a great catering experience.

Constantly Exceed Expectations

Whether your catering company is hired by an office to serve food at an event or even on a daily basis, the key thing you should be aiming for is to go above and beyond at all times.

Differentiate from others — Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded
Outstanding food quality with alluring presentation plus outstanding service quality is equal to repeat business.

Does your service team work with the customer to ensure all needs are met? Do they go beyond to anticipate the needs of your customers by having back-up plans at the ready in case something goes wrong? Think of ways that you can do more for your customers and they will always choose you every time they need office catering.

Make Your Customers Look Good

In many situations, when a catering company is called in for an office event such as a meeting or a company party, the best thing you can do is make the contact from the office look good. By being an exceptional caterer with food that delights and service that makes everyone happy, you’ll make them look good at what they do. Focus on working well with these contacts because they will be the ones to hire you again.

Final Thought: Follow Up

Following up with your customer afterward is even more important for your business

One thing you should do to go beyond good to great is to call your client the next day to follow up. You’ll want to find out how everything was for your client, and should something have gone wrong, you can fix it. After all, mistakes happen and it is how we learn.

Making mistakes right is what sets you apart and makes you a great caterer that will be called upon time and time again.

Unsung Tales of FoodnI

Hey! Have you heard of any company without employees? Why because I haven’t heard of a single one so far. You can hear the companies’ tales by searching in the Internet, but you wouldn’t have heard the stories of every individual working in it.

The best perks of working in startups are you can tell your own tale bud! And I am for once glad I am working in one. Imagine a small group of “unlike minds” working on a single vision, trying to churn new ideas to make the vision work with lots of buzz, flare, emotions, dedication and the best part, wait for it “FUN”!. OH BOY!! I can say it’s my definition of work.

Coming to the Point, this joint is filled with tales of the unsung heroes of FoodnI….

Vikas Chandra           Jangaiah           Ravi Kumar


Raj Kiran                 Sunish Jain


Smart snacking & more for global workforce

People are the heart of any organization. And HR is a powerful function. When companies grapple with issues related to human capital, HR is seen as the most valued strategic partner. When you are stabilized all around, people tend to think, “Why do they exist? What are they doing for us”?

When an organization hire employees to work for them day in and day out, they are in continuous quest of protecting their investment in the people by taking care of them. In today’s time be it an established enterprise or an unicorn or a startup, every company is looking to hire, develop, motivate and retain talent. Human capital is the most scarcest resource. And it is HR teams who are continuously trying to innovate, manage and enhance the employee experience. While there are lot of existing widely used best engagement practices, a new set of ideas are emerging now. To borrow from the great author Marshall Goldsmith book “What Got You Here, Won’t Get you There” !

One of the visible patterns in successful companies are, HR are delving a little deeper into the topic of healthy living to help their employees live happy and successful lives. Taking cues from these companies, startups where an employee burnout ratio is even more higher, management should focus to drive healthy lifestyle living from inception which will have a big impact and boost the efficiency of human capital as they grow.

After all, a healthy employee is a productive employee.

Over and above providing recreational options and other health training workshops, a simple way for companies to do this is to provide healthy snacks to their employees. This is to help them recharge in the evening once lunch has digested and the belly begins to rumble once more. Handing out pieces of fruit alone isn’t a very fruitful, forgive the pun, way of going about it though.

Neither is setting up a snack machine in the break room filled with unhealthy, preservative filled calorie bombs.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Indian diet as well as the diets of western countries, most dishes are based around carbohydrates, confectionery or deep fried snacking options. With such a heavy carb-base, it leads to a feeling of sleepiness which makes the post-lunch working hours much less productive. With companies hiring employees to support the global workforce and working at odd hours, HR can help combat this slump by motivating employees with food power.

Protein-rich snacks are a smart solution for companies looking to boost work productivity as well as office morale. By providing healthy protein-filled snack options to employees, companies are investing in the overall health of their workforce, making it stronger, healthier and more productive.

Powered By www.foodni.com, an Enterprise Hospitality as a Service Platform

Arun Murugan, CEO of Snackexperts states a testimonial from his client Freshworks Girish Mathrubootham saying “For any role, most of the time we are hiring 21–25 year age group people and training them for a long term career. We are providing them with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks. Ten years down the line, even one of my employee identified with diabetes, obesity or blood pressure, as a CEO I have the moral responsibility for the food habit we cultivated while growing our company. So I genuinely care health & wellness of my organization”
It should be noted though that it’s not snacking that is the undoing of society in regards to keeping with good health. In fact, dieticians and doctors alike encourage snacking to keep the blood sugar on an even keel throughout the day. The problem is that most people neglect to snack smart. Even once a week smart snacking would show the results. If you desire better performance from your human capital then favoring healthy lifestyle over the general perception is far more beneficial.

If companies begin supplying nutritious, healthy, pocket friendly snacks that also happen to be “delicious” with no added sugar grains or preservatives, filled with almonds, walnuts, pistachio, millets & more, it’s a game changer. These snacks can be carried along easily to keep at an employee desk or to munch while driving back home or one can have it in conference rooms to satisfy employee hunger pranks especially in a global workplace touching odd hours often skipping their meal. Not just for keeping those employees in good health so they are less likely to feel sick or be unproductive but also for keeping them in a good mood. When employees feel they are being treated well, they will go the extra mile to accomplish more. And when employees are fed well, they have the energy to keep up for many extra miles.

If you want better employees, make an investment in their health by providing them with healthy brain and body fuel in the form of tasty snacks that fill them up in good ways.

As case in point is NutNut bar corporate gift boxes. Paavani Jella, CEO shares, “This year Diwali we saw Corporates looking to get away from giving traditional high calorie sweet box to an all natural nutrient dense multi flavored and yummy bars filled with whole nuts, dry fruits and honey which was an instant hit across companies.”
Most successful corporate’s have been engaging the new age partners like ‘Food n i’ which is a technology enabled single window office food solutions company working with large and diverse organizations like Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce.com, Wellsfargo, GlaxoSmithKline, ICICI Bank to provide an array of options like business caterings, working lunch boxes, snacking, resort outings, restaurant bookings, food festival events which are tailor made to an organization.

It won’t take long before everyone is fueled up right to release their ultimate productivity potential when they eat well to live well !

Disrupting Corporate Food Ordering Habits

Every company in business today is keen on carrying a top 3 KPI to attract as well as retain quality employees. The key to doing so is to build a fine & receptive culture which stands out and earns the company a place among the best employers in the industry. For most companies, attracting top talent isn’t usually the issue. It’s getting those people to stay with them and continue making the company excel in its particular industry that seems to pose the greatest problems.
That can be attributed to the fact that many people will take a job that looks attractive to them. No one expects to be given a raise or bonus within the first few months of working somewhere, however if employees aren’t made to feel appreciated, they’ll look elsewhere and go to where they are shown the kind of rewards they seek.
So as a company, what can you do to hold onto that top talent you have just brought in? Fortunately, there are a few simple and cost-effective things you can do that will ultimately bring about better growth, stronger productivity, and bigger profits for your business. In a survey of companies that had strong retention among their top tier talent, one of the biggest draws that kept employees in place was the freedom to innovate, make mistakes and implement their learning’s from the failed experiments. As rewards for high performance, desirable gifts could be earned as a bonus. Things like tech items, trips, and gift cards were all high commodities, ones that proved to have extreme staying power.
However, something else had the same retention rate as special gifts: food. Companies that brought in great food for their employees were more likely to see those quality level people stay on. And furthermore, it showed that these well-fed people were even more willing to go the extra mile. In love, they say the way to the heart is through the stomach. It seems that in business, the same holds true.


Food n i, a B2B single window office food services & more

Disruption was once seen as something the attention-seeking child caused in the back of your middle school classroom. Nowadays though, disruption is something some of the biggest and most successful companies are incorporating into their daily jargon. On the offset, it’s sounds a bit bizarre, but if you think about it, shaking things up keeps them from ever growing dull.

When we become successful, we tend to snooze on that success and ride it into shore. If we’re not paying attention though, we’ll find ourselves pulled under suddenly by a rip current. The market is often times as unforgiving as the seas themselves. While they seem wholly unpredictable, they ebb and flow as always, giving us something we can count on.

The same is true of corporate food ordering. The options an Admin or HR or Procurement or Accounts teams employ to discover, order, pay & track needs a fundamental change. The supporting teams should be empowered with the new age tools, ordering platforms & techniques that provide great variety, convenient ordering, and pocket-friendly options. In the existing corporate and service providers ecosystem with broken processes, we see the supporting departments doing a lot of heavy lifting to discover a new set of hospitality partners to provide variety within the approved budgets.

Can one solve this problem by continuing with old habits? As organizations surge towards a digital economy, need of the hour is to leverage technology and reduce the repetitive manual workflows. It is time to shake up existing systems, embrace new ways to solve the problems. By using wings of technology & a human touch, one can only get a sea of options to explore and fulfill the ever-growing challenges of enterprise food & team outing needs. It boosts morale and is an easy & cost-effective way to add value to organization and employees. Supporting teams can order and have personalized food options delivered with great variety, good taste and convenience at the best prices. However, if you continue the old way to order the same tired options every time food is catered in, employees become less enthused.

It’s not very rewarding to get same style of services from same vendor every single day now is it? What about your health conscious, gluten-free employees or foreign delegates? Imagine the possibility of bringing in specialty chefs to interact with employees at the food court in order to provide unique products and an option personalize the experience too which normally wouldn’t be possible at a typical corporate cafeteria.

Thankfully, one thing that has evolved in recent years is the food service industry. It has truly disrupted the once serene surface and made waves. And companies everywhere love riding these waves. This new food technology isn’t just about making more food, or even creating new foods. It also utilizes customer data to customize it to the needs of their consumers. Hotels, Restaurants & Catering companies are sinking their teeth into this bit in particular because it now allows them the power to market themselves, provide variety, healthy locally-sourced and fresh foods that taste great.

Food tech companies have disrupted the way corporate caters food for employees in-house as well as for team events and outings because it is largely based on efficiency, something the super-busy can appreciate. Healthier, fresher choices that are more readily available and appealing offer added value to team members. Instead of being forced to eat more unwanted meal or high-calorie snacks, corporations are finding more and more that the old adage of getting to someone’s heart through their stomach is incredibly true.

With more healthful choices, supporting teams can also feel good that they are caring for the health of employees through proper food & lifestyle choices. And the employees themselves can feel good, eating food that tastes great while being healthy and nutritious, which leads to better productivity and increased job satisfaction overall.

Partners like www.foodni.com who provide a single window service bridging the gap between the company and the food partners provide a great value to both ends. An exclusive B2B online marketplace connecting corporates & merchants to comprehensively discover, get quotes, order, track, pay, reconcile and manage employee morale budget spends without losing a human touch.

It’s time to raise awareness of the opportunities for improvements in the corporate food ordering systems and uncover insights that will shape how we make our eco-system more transparent & sustainable. Supporting teams and the service providers have to do so squarely by challenging and testing existing systems, beliefs and technologies.

Why now? Human race is more engaged with and interested in the food & lifestyle topics than ever before. We must bring that awareness and understanding, and harness the passion of our communities to inspire, discover, share, and embrace the ideas that will improve the health of our ecosystem.

Think about it. It costs far less to feed your talented team than it does to replace one member every time someone leaves. While employees should absolutely be rewarded with higher pay after much time spent working for your company, a very cost-effective way to make your employees and delegates love you back is to feed them right. The food industry and the customer ordering habits are evolving and it’s evolving quickly. By and large, companies and service providers are now looking forward to this food disruption.

So experiment the new ways to increase the value chain, grow your teams and keep them around for years to come by simply bringing more to the table!

Is food wastage a trending thing now ?

Food wastage has become an alarming issue in India and world. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), staggering 1.3 billion tons of food is being wasted annually. The FAO report further states that one-third of the total global food production is wasted, costing the world economy about $750 billion or Rs47 lakh crore.

According to United Nations Development Program, up to 40% of the food produced in India is wasted, and we are ranked 63 among 88 countries in Global Hunger Index. We need to understand that food wastage not only lead to hunger in under privileged or pollution through emission of greenhouse gases, but also problems in economy. Not just government, even we are equally responsible for this problem. In the name of culture and traditions even we are playing a lead role in this drama, bigger the wedding or larger the party more colossal is the wastage.

A recent study conducted by Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, revealed that only 10 percent of foods get cold storage facility in India, this factor accompanied by inappropriate supply chain management, has resulted in India becoming a significant contributor towards food wastage both at pre-and post-harvest waste in cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables.

Why is food wastage a problem? According to CSR Journal

  • 25% of fresh water used to produce food is ultimately wasted, even as millions of people still don’t have access to drinking water. When you calculate the figures in cubic kilometers, this is a bit more than an average river.
  • Even though the world produces enough food to feed twice the world’s present population, food wastage is ironically behind the billions of people who are malnourished. The number of hungry people in India has increased by 65 million more than the population of France. According to a survey by Bhook (an organization working towards reducing hunger) in 2013, 20 crore Indians sleep hungry on any given night. About 7 million children died in 2012 because of hunger/malnutrition.
  • Acres of land are deforested to grow food. Approximately 45% of India’s land is degraded primarily due to deforestation, unsustainable agricultural practices, and excessive groundwater extraction to meet the food demand.
  • 300 million barrels of oil are used to produce food that is ultimately wasted.

Food wastage cripples a country’s economy to an extent that most of us are unaware

While you may not be able to reduce food lost during production, you can certainly reduce food at your personal level of food waste. Every step towards right direction counts

Plan out your meal and make your shopping list to determine what you actually need for the week. About 20% of what we buy in urban India ends up being thrown away

Buy in quantities you can realistically use. Avoid impulse buys. It will more or less find the bin

If you cook at home, make sure you cook keeping in mind there is no excess. You can always complete your meals with a few fruits rather than keep some extra food in the refrigerator. It’s a lot better and a healthier practice too.

If you host a family get together either at home, a marriage hall or throw a party at a hotel, make sure you plan for the food to be transported to a place like an orphanage or an old age shelter.

Make finishing your plate a habit. Try to inculcate it further to as many possible.