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People are the heart of any organization. And HR is a powerful function. When companies grapple with issues related to human capital, HR is seen as the most valued strategic partner. When you are stabilized all around, people tend to think, “Why do they exist? What are they doing for us”?

When an organization hire employees to work for them day in and day out, they are in continuous quest of protecting their investment in the people by taking care of them. In today’s time be it an established enterprise or an unicorn or a startup, every company is looking to hire, develop, motivate and retain talent. Human capital is the most scarcest resource. And it is HR teams who are continuously trying to innovate, manage and enhance the employee experience. While there are lot of existing widely used best engagement practices, a new set of ideas are emerging now. To borrow from the great author Marshall Goldsmith book “What Got You Here, Won’t Get you There” !

One of the visible patterns in successful companies are, HR are delving a little deeper into the topic of healthy living to help their employees live happy and successful lives. Taking cues from these companies, startups where an employee burnout ratio is even more higher, management should focus to drive healthy lifestyle living from inception which will have a big impact and boost the efficiency of human capital as they grow.

After all, a healthy employee is a productive employee.

Over and above providing recreational options and other health training workshops, a simple way for companies to do this is to provide healthy snacks to their employees. This is to help them recharge in the evening once lunch has digested and the belly begins to rumble once more. Handing out pieces of fruit alone isn’t a very fruitful, forgive the pun, way of going about it though.

Neither is setting up a snack machine in the break room filled with unhealthy, preservative filled calorie bombs.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Indian diet as well as the diets of western countries, most dishes are based around carbohydrates, confectionery or deep fried snacking options. With such a heavy carb-base, it leads to a feeling of sleepiness which makes the post-lunch working hours much less productive. With companies hiring employees to support the global workforce and working at odd hours, HR can help combat this slump by motivating employees with food power.

Protein-rich snacks are a smart solution for companies looking to boost work productivity as well as office morale. By providing healthy protein-filled snack options to employees, companies are investing in the overall health of their workforce, making it stronger, healthier and more productive.

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Arun Murugan, CEO of Snackexperts states a testimonial from his client Freshworks Girish Mathrubootham saying “For any role, most of the time we are hiring 21–25 year age group people and training them for a long term career. We are providing them with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks. Ten years down the line, even one of my employee identified with diabetes, obesity or blood pressure, as a CEO I have the moral responsibility for the food habit we cultivated while growing our company. So I genuinely care health & wellness of my organization”
It should be noted though that it’s not snacking that is the undoing of society in regards to keeping with good health. In fact, dieticians and doctors alike encourage snacking to keep the blood sugar on an even keel throughout the day. The problem is that most people neglect to snack smart. Even once a week smart snacking would show the results. If you desire better performance from your human capital then favoring healthy lifestyle over the general perception is far more beneficial.

If companies begin supplying nutritious, healthy, pocket friendly snacks that also happen to be “delicious” with no added sugar grains or preservatives, filled with almonds, walnuts, pistachio, millets & more, it’s a game changer. These snacks can be carried along easily to keep at an employee desk or to munch while driving back home or one can have it in conference rooms to satisfy employee hunger pranks especially in a global workplace touching odd hours often skipping their meal. Not just for keeping those employees in good health so they are less likely to feel sick or be unproductive but also for keeping them in a good mood. When employees feel they are being treated well, they will go the extra mile to accomplish more. And when employees are fed well, they have the energy to keep up for many extra miles.

If you want better employees, make an investment in their health by providing them with healthy brain and body fuel in the form of tasty snacks that fill them up in good ways.

As case in point is NutNut bar corporate gift boxes. Paavani Jella, CEO shares, “This year Diwali we saw Corporates looking to get away from giving traditional high calorie sweet box to an all natural nutrient dense multi flavored and yummy bars filled with whole nuts, dry fruits and honey which was an instant hit across companies.”
Most successful corporate’s have been engaging the new age partners like ‘Food n i’ which is a technology enabled single window office food solutions company working with large and diverse organizations like Microsoft, Amazon,, Wellsfargo, GlaxoSmithKline, ICICI Bank to provide an array of options like business caterings, working lunch boxes, snacking, resort outings, restaurant bookings, food festival events which are tailor made to an organization.

It won’t take long before everyone is fueled up right to release their ultimate productivity potential when they eat well to live well !

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