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How to stand out with exceptional office catering services –

When it comes to enterprise catering services, it takes more than just delicious and nutritious food options to keep your customers happy. While it’s certainly true that if your culinary creations lack in flavor and variety that it will affect your business, if you don’t provide outstanding customer service, you’re going to negatively affect your bottom line.

So what is the difference between a good office catering service and a great one? Here are the surefire ways to stand out so that you go beyond good into the world of great, and even beyond.

Order your taste —

Be Innovative

Some of you might be saying to yourselves, “But we’re already great!” There is always room for improvement. What worked for last decade won’t be the same for next decade. People eat with eyes, nose and then with mouth. Presentation, aroma and the taste.

As the technology & consumers evolve with time, we as a caterer must do so too. That means finding better ways to serve our customers with updated kitchens, technology, trained & healthy staff and the appliances as well as rigorous safety and quality standards that are reviewed on a continuous basis. Are you up-to-date on your methods? Could you be doing something even better than you already are? These are the things you must ask of yourself in order to stand out from the throngs of good caterers.

Don’t Forget the Details

Party checklist — Basic flows

The devil lies in the details. When it comes to catering or planning an event, it’s all in the little things. Design a checklist and follow every step without compromising. Those tiny details really matter. So ensuring everything is set up correctly where hungry employees don’t need to search for utensils or walk across the room to get butter for their bread is essential to your success. Additionally, a well-groomed service team that smiles, is pleasant, and can thoroughly answer any questions about the food with complete knowledge all add up to making a great catering experience.

Constantly Exceed Expectations

Whether your catering company is hired by an office to serve food at an event or even on a daily basis, the key thing you should be aiming for is to go above and beyond at all times.

Differentiate from others — Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded
Outstanding food quality with alluring presentation plus outstanding service quality is equal to repeat business.

Does your service team work with the customer to ensure all needs are met? Do they go beyond to anticipate the needs of your customers by having back-up plans at the ready in case something goes wrong? Think of ways that you can do more for your customers and they will always choose you every time they need office catering.

Make Your Customers Look Good

In many situations, when a catering company is called in for an office event such as a meeting or a company party, the best thing you can do is make the contact from the office look good. By being an exceptional caterer with food that delights and service that makes everyone happy, you’ll make them look good at what they do. Focus on working well with these contacts because they will be the ones to hire you again.

Final Thought: Follow Up

Following up with your customer afterward is even more important for your business

One thing you should do to go beyond good to great is to call your client the next day to follow up. You’ll want to find out how everything was for your client, and should something have gone wrong, you can fix it. After all, mistakes happen and it is how we learn.

Making mistakes right is what sets you apart and makes you a great caterer that will be called upon time and time again.

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